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Friday, September 22, 2017


It's time for a staple part of my blogs, the TOP 10 INTERNATIONAL FIGHT TIPS OF THE DAY.   Every day I take the Top 10 countries watching my YouTube Channel here:http://bit.ly/2rQGtWk
look into the current crimes/attacks/issues and events of theirs that I can find online, and answer their questions as to how to use my Njia Uhuru Kipura techniques to help my friends in those countries. 

I received a email from an Italian friend of mine that I shall call "Giuseppe", in order to honor his wish to remain anonymous. He said that Italy was beset by shootings recently, and that the Mafia still operated in Italy with relative impunity. He said that as recently as last month [ August 2017 ] a real life Mafia boss, the brother of the Mafia boss, and most tragically a hand full of innocent bystanders were shot to death.

I wasn't aware that The Mafia still operated like that in Italy. I had to go check it out for myself, to be sure. And you know what? "Giuseppe" was right. HERE IS THE SHOOTING GIUSEPPE EMAILED ME ABOUT

The part that worried Giuseppe the most is that the killers deliberately shot the two innocent farmers, in order to not leave witnesses to the crime. Giuseppe worried that he could be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and criminals would try to shoot him, too.

While visions of "Godfather 5: Italy, 2017" are dancing in my head, I read the next paragraph from "Giuseppe":

"What can I do to protect myself when criminals begin to shoot? My teacher said to run away. When I asked him how I am to do this when a man is shooting at me, he did not show me how to do this. He would, however, answer any question I had about how to do Ginga, or Esquiva, or to make acrobatics in great detail. This discrepancy between the vagueness of his answer for protection against gunmen compared to the many details of his answer about how to do Ginga or Esquiva or make acrobatics shows me to think that he does not know what to do for the attack of a man with a gun.

I tried to think about how I would use my Au or other Capoeira movement, but it is not good. Are you able to help me?"

Of course, "Giuseppe", I can help you. The ATACX GYM STREET WARRIORS of Njia Uhuru Kipura to the rescue. Below, I show that I am the first and only person in world history to teach how to use our unique movement skills to protect ourselves from being shot by the kind of drive by shooters active in the part of Italy that "Giuseppe" lives in.

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I'm going to quickly share with you the important history about the art of my family, Njia Uhuru Kipura. 

Njia Ya Kupata Uhuru Kwa Kutumia Kipura..."The Way of Getting Freedom Using Kipura"...is the full real name of my family's art. But that's a lot to say. So we shorten it to "Njia Uhuru Kipura". Kipura's Way of Freedom or The Way of Freedom. As we all know, my family's Njia Uhuru Kipura is descended from the original Kipura of Kongo, the devastating war art that was probably created in BAMBA, the war capitol of Kongo. http://bit.ly/2fjGNv1

This BAMBA OF KONGO is the same BAMBA that Capoeiristas in Brasil sing about in their oldest songs like EU SOU BAMBAREAD HERE TO SEE THE SONG EU SOU BAMBA

In these songs? These "Capoeiristas" acknowledge that they are actually Kipura warriors from the region of Bamba. 

The Kipura of Kongo created every single legend of "Capoeira" in Brasil, as all of these warriors are actually warriors of Kipura. Not "Capoeira". The Portuguese term "Capoeira" is the result of the mispronounciation of the correct word "KIPURA/KIPULA" of the KiKongo language of Kongo. "

"Capoeira" was first used in public documents in Brasil during the year 1712, 207 years after Afrikans were already using Kipura to defeat Brazil, Portugal, the Dutch and occasionally the Spanish in wars in or near Brasil. https://streetsmartbrazil.com/when-capoeira-would-land-you-prison/

This same art and/or its cognates was used everywhere in the Americas that Afrikans traveled, including the USA...where it was also called Knocking and Kicking. The Afrikans in the USA called The Gullah and The Geechee used this cognate of Kipura to fight and win a 50-100 Year War, establishing their independence and freedom during American Slavery. https://books.google.com/books?id=HNYwa1VeLIIC&pg=PA89&lpg=PA89&dq=gullah+knocking+and+kicking&source=bl&ots=aFiCOY6DJm&sig=AmJRqf61qIdD-yB6MSPxYoSuDdk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwirks3Ju7TWAhUHxlQKHakkCrMQ6AEIVjAH#v=onepage&q=gullah%20knocking%20and%20kicking&f=false

We can see the overarching impact of Kipura on both Jailhouse Rock and 52 Blocks, which themselves are hybrid portions of the more comprehensive and deadlier Kipura of Kongo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jailhouse_rock_(fighting_style)